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Health begins with a balanced brain and body and the choices we make to support that balance in all areas of life. Align Alaska recognizes that Nature itself is governed by balance and seeks to maintain it. Align Alaska also encourages people to be proactive in choosing balance and wellness in all areas of life. Life positive thoughts and attitude, proper nutrition, sufficient rest, regular exercise, and the avoidance of unnecessary stress (physical, mental, emotional, chemical, and/or biological), are all part of that choice. “Rome wasn't built in a day.”  Optimal health and wellness are also found over time through conscious choices and regular efforts.

Align Alaska is part of a health and wellness choice, not all of it. The rest depends on whether or not we choose life and all that supports it over that which robs us of it. The choice is ours and the result of that choice ultimately falls on each of us.

I welcome you to see and enjoy for yourself the personal benefits found through Alignments and a lifestyle supportive of health and well being.


Since 1971 thousands of people around the world have enjoyed the benefits found through the Alignment Reintegration Process. This is a quick gentle hands-on process signaling the brain to more appropriately respond to stress. In doing so, the brain re-balances itself by coming out of the flight or flight response, resulting in optimal energy distribution throughout the body.

When both hemispheres of the brain are balanced, the body is also more balanced, having additional energy to heal and regenerate itself. If one can perform “well” in an unbalanced, excessively tense, weakened stress state, how much more effectively will he or she perform in a relaxed, balanced, stronger, and more peaceful state?

Alignments are not about healing, treating, curing, or diagnosing. It is about optimal life force energy and the beauty and well being that naturally stem from having more of it.

Unrelieved stress is the #1 cause of brain/body imbalance and disconnection from our highest potential.

Advantages of a Balanced Brain:

    * Increased Energy
    * Increased Strength
    * Less Tension
    * Strengthened Immune System
    * Balanced Arms and Legs
    * Optimal Energy Flow
    * Greater Ph Balance
    * Better Sleep
    * Optimal Neurological Function
    * Increased Flexibility and Ease of Movement
    * Improved Focus and Concentration
    * Fewer Aches and Pains
    * Enhanced Well-being, etc...